Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet Jordan The Floor-walker

Right after little Jordan's full month celebration, my best buddy together with his wife bought him a 2-in-1 Walker and Rocker! Of course little Jordan was too young back then to walk in this toy of his. Ha :D So when he was about 5 months old, both his feet got stronger. So I took out the gift from my buddy and assembled it for little Jordan. I took around 5 minutes to snap everything together. While I was putting everything together, little Jordan's eyes were glued at my every movement. Ha :D

Little Jordan's 2-in-1 Walker & Rocker

My wife and I tried to let little Jordan sit in his new walker. At first he was a bit scared. But after a while he got used to it and started to play with his new walker. Then little Jordan experimented with all the toys on his dashboard. He wanna made sure that everything is fucntional: his steering, horn and other indescribable buttons and switches. He really, really love all the toys on his dashboard. In fact till this day he still loves to toy with them. So since that fateful day, 7 months ago...little Jordan is the Floor-walker (coined from Skywalker) Haha :D

How I assembled little Jordan's Walker:
This was what we found in the box.

Firstly~assembled the seat.

Then adjust the height.

And finally attach the dasboard aka toys lar.



Now~meet Jordan the Floor-walker!
Little Jordan first encounter with his walker @ 5 months old.

He was very curious initially.

Little Jordan inspecting his dashboard.

So do you like your walker Jordan boy?

Hereby I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dearest buddy-Gan, for giving little Jordan this amazing toy. In fact I think this walker has really helped to develop little Jordan's muscles and reflexes. I believe a walker is an essential growing up tool for babies. I am sure little Jordan also wanna thank Uncle Gan for his gift...

Right Jordan~the FLOOR-walker? Ha :D

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