Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hungry Ghosts Are Roaming Freely Again...

Just a moment ago, my father and I were standing in front of our home, doing what we would do normally at this time of the year. Were you doing what we did a moment ago? It is time of the year again where will be seeing them. So what we did and whom my father and I "met" just now? Yes. A moment ago my dad and I offered prayers to the...ghosts...or maybe spirits if you want to address them in a more subtler way. It is their time of the year again. 30 days of non-stop fun for them. :)

My daddy is preparing for the praying ceremony.

First thing first-make sure you have to everything.

Then light up all the candles.

So tonight (or was it last night) officially marked the Opening of the Hell Gates. What does this means to all of us believers? It simply means we will be bumping into more ghosts than we normally would. In other words we should be more careful with what we say and what we do in this unholy month. We wouldn't want to offend any of them right? Don't take my advice for granted ok. :p So how? We should just stay at home and don't go anywhere while all of "them" are roaming freely outside? It is up to you.

Prepare the money that the ghosts need.

Don't forget to offer them their favourite cookies.

Burn some joss sticks. It's time to pray.

Daddy is offering prayers to all the ghosts.

So what did my father and I offered to the ghosts just now? For starters...lots of money, gold and silver. Imagine these poor ghosts have just been released from their "prison", so they need money to spend right? Besides that we also bought them new clothes to wear. And last but not least we offered them sweets-cookies. So why did we offered them money, clothes, cookies etc.?

Daddy is burning all the "money" for the ghosts.

Technically, they can't receive the money directly.

So we need to "wire" all the money into their banks by burning them. Ha :D

You see...the ghosts which received our money are known as "Ongyati". They are usually ghosts whom will not be offered prayers by their family. Hence believers like my father and I would burn them some offerings to appease them, telling them they are not forgotten. Besides that we also asked for blessings...that is to make sure my whole family would be safe and sound. So have you offered your prayers yet?

Now tell me...from this picture...what do you?

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