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Open 4 Incubus: Does Your Band Wanna Perform With Incubus?

23rd of July 2011 will be the day Incubus jam in Malaysia again for the third time. How many of you are going to watch Incubus live in Stadium Negara. After making their marks here in 2004 and 2008, this time Incubus will be belting out songs from their latest album-If Not Now, When? Do you know that we, Malaysians will actually be the first to listen to their latest album (If Not Now, When?) which will be released on the 12th of July. See how cherished we Malaysians are? Ha :D So go and grab your tickets now to reciprocate. Show Incubus your love too.

Incubus is coming!

Incubus' 3rd concert here in Malaysia is organized by TuneTalk and hence you can grab your tickets via AirAsia Redtix. This is the latest concert which will be organized by our local mogul Jason Lo who has brought Paramore, Deftones and the latest one was Justin Bieber. Now....there is a great new twist in this Incubus concert. This time around...the opening act of Incubus' concert will be selected (voted) by fans in an all-inclusive battle of the bands aka Open 4 Incubus. So you bands out there...are you ready to get intense? This is your chance to your long-awaited stardom.

Imagine thousands of people are chanting you and your band's name...

If you and your band are selected, you guys will be the opening act of Incubus. Imagine strumming your electric guitars and hitting your cymbals while stepping at bass drum. How cool is that right? So calling all Malaysian bands out there, you can start applying for Open 4 Incubus contest from 13th till 26th of June. Then you can ask your legion of fans to to vote for you and your band from the 4th till the of July. I hope you have already taken down the date. Don't miss this golden opportunity to be famous! Ha :D For rules and regulations click HERE.

You gotta take risk. If not now, when?

So here's how you and your band can be the opening act for Incubus. Head over to TuneTalk Open 4 Incubus Facebook Page right now. Then find out how you and your band can take part. Post your band's video onto Youtube, fill in the needed particulars, hit the SUBMIT button and voila your band is in the running to Open the concert for Incubus!

Go to:-->TuneTalk Open 4 Incubus<--Now!
You will see this upon entering the Facebook Page.

Read the rules and regulations.


Then hit the red 'submit' button!

Moreover you can win yourself VIP and Rockstar Tickets to Incubus concert. You can win yours from radio stations Fly FM and Hot FM. So don't forget to tune into your favourite radio stations for your chance to win this (maybe) once-in-a-lifetime ticket. With the VIP ticket you will be invited to Incubus' pre-cocktail party and you can enter the convert venue earlier. Now...with the Rockstar Ticket you will be driven to the concert venue by a chauffeur, get exclusive invitation to Incubus' Cocktail Party and be the FIRST to enter the concert. Being first means a lot especially if you can choose your very own spot in the open area. Best of get to meet and hang out with Incubus. Damn cool right?

Me and my little Jordan are going to form a band. :)

I am imagining myself in Stadium Putra on the 23rd of July right now. I am holding the microphone with my band jamming behind me. How I wish I have a band right now. Maybe I can in the future with my children. Haha :D So you bands out there don't miss this ticket to realize your dreams ok. Stay tuned to TuneTalk to get the latest information about Open 4 Incubus contest and even some big "special" surprise. Ha :D

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