Thursday, May 19, 2011

Donated My Blood For The 12th Time

This morning I rode my bike to a school near the heart of Malacca. No. I was not there to study lar. I was there to donate my precious blood. After I have taken my heavy breakfast (nasi lemak + coffee), I made my way to Pay Fong Middle School to show my support for our country's blood donation drive. Honestly yours truly me was really anxious when I stepped into the big hall when the blood donation drive took place. There were around 100 of students waiting to donate their blood. But I was not anxious because of them...

The place where my blood was pricked out for the 12th time.

I was on my nerve when I was lining up to get myself registered for blood donation. I was feeling uneasy because...I have not donated my blood for almost 2 years now. I feared my blood might not be able to be "sucked out", Ha :D Of course the blood that has been pricked out of my last year when I survived dengue fever cannot be counted. So after 2 years of absence in the blood bank, I finally decided that I need to donate my blood-it is my 12th blood donation today.

Your blood will be tested to know its group and to see if your haemoglobin is suffice.

Then you will be given bags and tubes before you are ushered to the donation area.
See? So many students? But adults like me are given priority. :p

I have taken donation bag. :)

My blood started its maiden exodus back in 2003 which was 8 years ago. 8 years later...I only have 12 pints (5.4 liters) of blood to my name? What a shame! :( I have always wanted to donate more of my blood. After all it will be destroyed in 120 days after roaming free in our body. But my late mother was totally against me donating my blood and so is my beloved wife. That's why sometimes I can't help but submit to their orders. LOL :D

2 tubes of blood samples will be taken for further testing.

Good bye now my blood. Safe journey to the blood bank.

I hope I can save people with my blood. :)

But...thing is about to change (hopefully). I have decided to donate my blood every 2 to 3 months. Just hope that I can withstand my wife's resistance. Ha :D So every 2 to 3 months I am going to the blood bank in the hospital to give away my blood. I have one ambitious aim. I wish to donate my blood at least 100 times before I am gone. Of course I want to donate my blood as much and as often as possible. I want my blood to help others who are in need. I want to do my little part in saving lives. How about you folks? Have you donated your blood?

I am going to donate my blood as often as possible. :)

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