Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prayed Mommy & Ancestors This Morning

Our family has been busy since this morning (yesterday morning) right up to now. Now only I can have a little breather. Why? Well...since this morning, all of us went to our late grandma's house to pray our ancestors. The cosy, semi-wooden house which is situated in the heart of Tengkera has been lived by at least 4 generations. So it is fitting that we offer prayers to our beloved ancestor at this very place. After all this is the house they have been living for decades. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Let us begin shall we? :)

We arrived at our ancestral house around 9a.m. By then my aunt has already prepared most of the dishes. We were there just to help her out. Ha :D After all she is the best cook in our family right now. We have prepared so many different dishes for our ancestors. I am sure all of them had a wonderful feast this morning. I bet they must still be very full right now. And maybe still burping? Guess what did we have? Well...just look at the pictures. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
My aunt "delegating" the dishes. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Wifey helping out. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
It is time to serve. :D

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
My beloved ancestors. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Daddy started praying.

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Little Jordan admiring the huge red lantern. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
May you enjoy your meals ancestors. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
They say the "higher" the rice..the more prosperous your family will be.

After praying our ancestors, daddy, brother, wifey, little Jordan and I immediately stormed back home. Why? We had to hurry home because mommy was waiting for us back at home. Once we were back at home, we served mommy her lunch. :) The whole worship took around 2 hours. By 1p.m. we were almost done. I am certain that mommy really, really ate a lot because no one was sharing the food with her. Haha :D

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Back at home.

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Enjoy your feast mommy. :)

So did you pray your ancestors a day before Chinese New Year folks? For my family, praying our ancestors is a custom that we have adhered for decades. It is our duty to offer prayers to our beloved departed ones. It is our way to show them they are not forgotten even though they are no longer here. Last but not least, I wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year. :)

Prayed Ancestors,Chinese New Year
Little Jordan fell asleep in the end. :)

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