Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Flood My Home...Please!

Fragments from the foregone land kept on surfacing in front of me for the past few days. The nightmare that haunted me in 2006 is barging at the final restraining wall right now, threatening to break free and terrorize my family again! The "demon" that I fear is none other than the dreaded flood. I am sure all of you are aware it has been raining like non-stop for the past few days. I must say I hate raining days...because it makes me feel terribly anxious. :(

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
The drain behind my home...

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
Daddy was walking carefully between the drain and the puddle...

So far 3 innocent lives have been claimed by this natural disaster. I hope that is all He wanted from all of us; I hope that is the end of His wrath...please. Newspaper and prime time news have already shown us how devastating His flood can be. Houses have been submerged, properties have been destroyed...thousands are left homeless and their hopes have been shattered. Those who had prepared for Chinese New Year broke down in tears for they were helpless...

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
The river near my home.

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
Look at how SWOLLEN it has become...

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
These apartments have no where to run...

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir,Banjir
Certainly this is not a mangrove tree...

My neighbouring housing area-Taman Merdeka, has been victimized by the rampant flood. A river which is just 30 metres from my home...has been overrun.  The large drains have turned into streams...several swamps appear out of nowhere. Is history repeating itself? I sure hope NO. The good news is...it has not rained today. I saw Mr. Sunny smiling at me when I woke up earlier this morning. So...there's still a ray of hope for the rest of us. Hopefully this will be the turning point...

Picture of flood,Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir,Banjir
Please stop rising...

Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir
It doesn't look good...

I just checked at the drains again. The water level keeps on clawing its way up onto the roads. I really, really hope it was just because of the tide and not because of an imminent flood! Do you know what happened in 2006? Back then our home was flooded...my daddy, my late mommy and I had to be evacuated in the middle of the night by the military. All our neighbors were forced to leave our homes to seek shelter at a higher ground. It was a total chaos for all of us.

Picture of flood,Picture of flood,Malacca Flood,Malacca Flood,Banjir,Banjir
Hopefully this will not happen to us. :(

Everything is still vividly playing in my mind: I will never forget what happened that day because my late mother was in pain battling with cancer. My late mother has already suffered so much and yet, He wanted her to undergo this "test" of His? How so great! I don't like raining days...and I will never be fond of it. I hope this time around, we will be spared. We are simply at His mercy...Please don't ruin little Jordan's very first Chinese New Year!

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