Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tekkaus Reloaded December 2010

The last time I posted something on this blog was about my Twitter Page right? That was last Friday. So I had been away like...let me see...almost 6 days, am I right? So did any of you miss me or at least my blog post(s)? LOL :D If you have been following my tweets, you would have known I was in the City of Rain-Taiping, for a vacation.  It was really a beautiful and serene place to be. It's a shame that I couldn't spend more time there. :'( Anyway rest assured that there will be posts on my vacation.

Tekkaus Reloaded December 2010
I am back!

Now! Talking about this post...I have thought about it for quite some time and I decided to name this post as "Reloaded". Why? Because I will be away from time to time for vacation and I reckon naming this sort of post as "Reloaded" is appropriate and more importantly it sounds cool. Haha :D Yep! Reloaded means this blog of mine is back in action after idling for some time! And now I am officially back at home and you can expect incoming blog posts from me starting from today. Stay tuned folks!

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