Friday, November 5, 2010

Our 4-Month-Old Jordan Tried To Turn Over

Today is the 5th of November which is the festival of light-Deepavali. So happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating this joyous festival. Today also turns out to be our little Jordan's month-niversary. Do you that know today he is 4 months old now? Time flies huh! If you are my loyal, avid readers, you would have known how much he has grown since the first day he appeared in this blog right? no time he will be 1 year old already right?

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
Happy 4 months old o~Jordan. :D

Today...since 12a.m. little Jordan has been excitedly different. He refused to sleep and he wanted to play even those it was 2a.m. in the morning. Perhaps he knows today is the day he turned 4 months old? And for the pass few weeks, our little Jordan has been trying really hard to something-to turn over. It seems that his instinct tells him it is time for him to be on his tummy. So today while he was in the midst of trying to turn over...he snapped a few photos of him. So did he managed to turn over? Let's see...

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
Ready to turn over~Jordan boy?

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
He is making his first move-to shift his leg.

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
Done. Now to turn his other hand to the other side.

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
Can or not Jordan?

Jordan Tried To Turn Over,Baby turn over
Ganbatte Kudasai ok Dan~Dan!

Haha :D He couldn't turn over yet. Little Jordan tried really, really, really hard to turn over you know. Sometimes when he failed to turn over, he will cry. Poor thing. :p Then again...his daddy-me, only managed to turn over when I was 8 months old. I am sure little Jordan can outdo me soon. "Don't give up ok Jordan!" So next time I am going to show a video of him turning over when he finally succeeded ya. Stay tuned folks.

Jordan Tried To Turn Over
Never mind~lar. Try to turn over next time ok Jordan.

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