Monday, October 4, 2010

Jordan Misses His Grandpa In Taiping

Time really flies and now it's already October. About 11 weeks ago, he traveled almost 500km (if I am not mistaken) from North to South to meet little Jordan. Although the journey was very long and tiring, he still wanted to make the trip because of little Jordan. He put his business on hold for 2 days even though he would have lost a few thousands in business. He risked the wrath of his regular customers and clients because he longed to see his very first grandson-little Jordan. He is my father-in-law, Jordan's beloved grandpa.

Jordan Misses His Grandpa In Taiping
Aww...little Jordan was looking at his grandpa. :)

Jordan Misses His Grandpa In Taiping
Grandpa was very excited to carry him for the very first time. :)

Traveling from the city of rain-Taiping, to Malacca is really taxing I can assure you.You need to stay focused all the time. If you are driving according to the speed limit, which is 110km per hour, you must be prepared to be on the road for approximately 5 hours. My father-in-law drove all the way from Taiping to see his then, 2-week-old Jordan. Jordan will be 3 months old tomorrow and I am sure my father-in-law misses his Jordan a lot. :)

Jordan Misses His Grandpa In Taiping
Little Jordan fell asleep the moment his grandpa carried him.

Of course our little one also misses his grandpa very, very much...which is why we are going back to Taiping this December. Although Jordan will only be 5 months old this December, but I believe he can travel with us. After all he is my son~mah. :p My wife and I are counting down the days we are going back to her hometown. I am really excited as I love Taiping a lot and I want my little Jordan to enjoy the serenity of Taiping too. Another 2 more months to go before we go back to our another home. :)

Jordan Misses His Grandpa In Taiping
When Jordan was 2 weeks old.
He was sound asleep in his grandpa's arm. :)

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