Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poll: What Type Of Blog Posts Do You Love To Read?

Hie guys! I'm terribly sorry that I still can't make myself sit in front of the laptop screen and write a post or 2! As most of you have already known, I'm kinda too preoccupied for the time being right? I still have another 5 more days before my diploma courses can be completed. So coming this 25th is the last day of my "school"-Christmas! Yeah! I still need to attend my final class on Christmas day. How so lame. I guess it can't be helped huh, no victory! So how are you guys doing these days? I have to ask because I barely able visit your blogs recently. My apologise.

Do you always ask yourself this?

Anyway it's Sunday. And in another 3 hours I will be sitting in the class listening to my lecturer babbling without the slightest clue what he will be talking about and I'm sure I'll be nodding off. :p I'm sure your Sunday will be better than mine right? So how are your Christmas preparation folks? Bought all the gifts already? Have you prepared one for me? :p

That aside, let's talk about blogging shall we? Do you love to read blogs or vice versa? Or better still, you are the select "few" who are very active in the blogosphere-read and write blogs. :) So here's a poll that I think can help elevate our blogging experience a little bit. The question is...what type of blog posts do you love to read? Easy right? If you wanna bring this a notch higher, let's share your opinions on why you like and hate certain type of blog posts. Please participate in the poll below. You can choose more than 1 answer.

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