Tuesday, November 10, 2009

45 Hours Without Food!

It has been 45 hours since I last had any food in my stomach. I had exaggerated a bit, actually it should be 45 hours without SOLID food! 45 hours without food is really a big deal to me. Why? Because I am so used to eating large portion of meals every single day. Arrgghhh...it is so damn hard to curb my urge to feed on my favourite food. No nasi lemak, no wan tan mee, no chicken rice, no yong tau fu...and yeah...no Milo and no Nescafe for me! HELP ME!!! It's been 45 hours since I last had any of these. Why Meeeeeeee? :(

No thanks!

Last night my wife insisted that I pay the doctor a visit which we did. So today I was on MC! I spent the whole day at home recuperating my "stomach"! I bet it must be a serious case of food poisoning. The doctor gave me a lot of medicine, but I am not going to take any of it. I don't know. I just don't feel like eating those pills. I reckon it is better for me to stay at home since my buttock is so in love with toilet bowl right now. Aside from that everything is fine for me...I guess.


My darling wife came back for lunch with me. She had Chicken curry rice and I had...the liquid carbs of the porridge. Thank you for making me salivating watching you ate your yummy lunch wifey! :p My liquid porridge was...YUCKS! But wife bought me a bowl of seaweed soup. Although I could only seep the soup, I still love it. I savour every drop of it. Thank you dear. :)

So yummy! Thanks wifey!:)

I hope my condition will improve soon. I have never been without solid food this long. Hopefully I will be up and kicking again tomorrow. In fact I already told my wife that I wanna eat Pizza, KFC and McDonald tomorrow. LOL :D

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