Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank You Streamyx Technicians!

First thing first...I wanna applogise for not updating my blog and replying to comments these few days. You see I was experiencing terrible connection problem. Hence I was unable to read your blogs and comment too. So don't get mad at me and delete me from your blogroll ok! *sob! sob!* My bad! But I'm "up and running" again! Thank you for your support guys!

Still remember?

Still remember my post about Streamyx 3 months ago? The one where I brutally condemned Streamyx for being a Sucking Succubus? Back then...I was so frustrated with the service provided by them. However last month I decided to give Streamyx another chance, hence I upgraded my Streamyx package from 512Kbps to 1Mbps. I was hoping that the download speed would improve. But my expectations fell too damn short. I was anticipating to get at least 500Kbps of download speed from the improved connection, but instead I got a snail-moving connection which was literally killing me.

These few days, the connection had became worse. It was so ridiculously slow that I only managed to get 3% of the advertised speed. Yes! Which means I only obtained 0.03Mbps instead of 1Mbps. But then again...according to Streamyx I should at least get 0.75Mbps! Nope. Kaput! I tried to contact Streamyx for several days but to no avail. I couldn't get through, and all I heard was music. Damn!

I almost switch...

I was so upset and I made up my mind to switch to Maxis. Yes. Maxis is actively promoting their broadband service. Of course I am interested, especially after how Streamyx was treating me. The fact that Streamyx is offering faster connection really makes it irrisistable. Arrghhh...why Streamyx?


But yesterday morning something struck me and I called Streamyx again for one last time. Finally my call went through. After I told the operator about my problem, he said that he had changed the system and the technicians will come by (yesterday) to settle the my connection problem. Still I did not harbour any hope. But I was greeted by a pleasant surprise in the evening. 2 Streamyx technicians did show up. Immediately they asked me to switch on the computer and test the connection speed again!


1.5Mbps? I can't believe it. I was so happy that I couldn't contain my joy. Apparently the technicians had switched my port manually from a location further to somewhere just a stone throw away from my home. I am so glad that my Streamyx connection is blazing right now. So thank you Streamyx! You just made my day/days/weeks. I still can't believe it. I can't eveb believe that I am uttering "Thanks You" to Streamyx! Ha :D

Yes! Thank You Streamy!

P.S. So if you have any connection problem, maybe you can try to request for changing of port. Who knows? It might work. :D

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