Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordlesser Wednesday: Is That You Mommy?

When I was younger, mommy dearest would always tell me lots of stories regarding our customary beliefs, the DOs and DON'Ts, respecting the elders, always offer prayers to our ancestors etc. and one of the most important reminders that she gave me is, "Our ancestors will always come back and visit us!" And I have always believe what she said is true. From time to time I did saw a few giant moths flying around our home and that of my late grandparents'. But last week...I had an encounter that really made my emotional.

You see...there was this love-shaped little moth that in my home. At first it was resting some where near the joss stick in the kitchen. It was there for a few days. Then one day while I was using the computer in the living room, it flew and rested on my hands. I was shocked and it took off again and rested on the door. It was there like...2 days. Then last Saturday while I was at upstairs...again it was there. And finally Sunday...before I went to bed (at 2a.m.) I heard the moth flapping its wings probably because it is cold due to the fan. I didn't know it was still. It was on my bed...I then tenderly trans located it to out living room...

And that was the final time I saw it. It had gone. Till today I'm still wondering if it's my dear mommy because it was in our home for at least 7 days. I did talked to it occasionally (yeah! call me crazy). Maybe Mommy is missing us and wanted to look at brother who is in KL told me that he too, saw a moth. Can this be true?

Is that you Mommy?

P.S. Sorry for the rather poor picture quality. I tried my best not to use to flash. These are my best shots. I guess I am not a good photographer huh. Ha :D

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