Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nang! Nuffnang Called Me...

Yes! Seriously, I'm not making up anything. The people from Nuffnang really rang me 2 days ago! Do you guys still remember my previous post where I dang Nuffnang for being a Kiasu and accusing them for playing dirty? Ha :D I might be a little harsh, but then again I'm voicing out my dissatisfaction! And Nuffnang did in fact messed up the Terms and Conditions! Hence I DANG them a few days ago! But today, I'll make a 180 degrees U-turn! I'm going to Nang them! Fair enough right?


You see, last Sunday I wrote a post and branded Nuffnang as Kiasu! I even up the ante by saying that they "play dirty" and tried to manipulate us-their partners! Then on Monday morning...while I was working I received a call from Nuffnang! Darn! Am I surprised to receive a call from Nuffnang! It was around 9am. I had a conversation with the guy for approximately 10 minutes I guess. And the person on the other end had clarified with me about the issue that I dang. Indeed they are very responsive or is it because I am tarnishing their name? Hmm...

Will Glitterati still glitter?

Apparently Nuffnang is considering Adgitize as its competitor because Adgitize is doing well in Malaysia too plus it serve Graphical ads just like Nuffnang. So the problem is with the Terms and Conditions set by Nuffnang. I was informed that they'll change this as soon as possible. By the way the Glitterati is after all, a loyalty program, meaning that we have to choose either Adgitize or Nuffnang's Glitterati! Yupe! You can only choose one. You have stay loyal to Nuffnang and pledge your undivided allegiance to Nuffnang it you want to be a Glitterati! Again, bear in mind that you are not forced to join this loyalty program.

Sometimes it's good to be a...
Just kidding! :P

All in all, I'm happy to receive the call from Nuffnang! This shows that they are committed to serve their partners better. Although I don't like the rules and regulations of Glitterati, I'm still pleased to know that Nuffnang is very responsive and cordial. So thus far, Nuffnang can be considered the leading company in Malaysia. They are miles better than Advertlets which...never reply my email! Anyway am I gonna stick with Nuffnang? I'm not sure about it. But for now...

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