Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manchester United Is Coming To Malaysia!

The Red Devils will be coming to Malaysia to see me. Yes, Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney will battle it out with me; I'm sure oldy Ryan Giggs couldn't run faster than me this time around; and I will make sure Vidic and Ferdinand bite my dreams. It's confirmed that the current English Premier League, Euro Champions League and World Club Cup holder is coming here. Well! It's been a great news for the Red Devil fans. We surely can expect some red hot treats from World Club Cup champion! The Malaysia's selection team will duel with Man United in a friendly at our National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on July 18! Meaning another 79 days before they land their feet here? Boy! I can't wait. However...there's damper...the match will be played at 5.30pm!

Bring it on!

It was reported that the Red Devils have requested for the earlier-than-usual kick-off. I wonder why...But the up side of the match is that it is being held on Saturday instead of Sunday. This will of course encourage outstation fans to travel and catch a glimpse of their idols. Surprisingly this will be United's 4th visit to Malaysia since the year 1981! They were also here back in 1995 and 2001! Hmm...They should come here more often! Ha :D

I think I can beat him!

It is said that Manchester United will be fielding their first team players to battle it out with our Malaysian selection. This is just like a meat being thrown to a lion. I wonder if the Malaysian Selection could mount on any real threat or danger. But as a football fan, I do wish this will be an entertaining match. I really don't wish to see our team being the "sandbag"! Perhaps I might play for the Malaysian Selection? Then maybe we could spring a few surprises and stun the Red Devils to win the match? What are the odds? I guess we have to wait till that day right?

There's another relatively great news: the ticket would ONLY cost between RM50 to Rm90! Now that's considered cheap compared to what our counterparts in England have to fork out to catch their heroes in action. So are you willing to forfeit a few cups of Starbucks to watch the Red Devils in action? I will!

I support you Elmo! :)

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