Monday, April 27, 2009

Crap! Tyres Punctured Twice In A Day?

Sunday (26th April 2009)

TWICE in the same freaking day, which was yesterday-Sunday! Darn it. For those uninitiated, I'm talking about my bike's tyre (not car). But then again I just couldn't believe it. You see yesterday morning after my beloved wife and I came back from Malacca Mall, the back tyre punctured! Thank goodness it didn't happen at the middle of the journey. But then again I'm still quite irked because the exact back tyre had just punctured barely 10 days ago. Sounds incredulous right? But that's exactly what had happened! Dumbstruck, I just shook my head and pushed my poor bike to the workshop for some fix.


At the workshop, the foreman told me that my back tyre was in no good condition anymore. Which meant the tyre literally had no"flowers" on it, hence less gripe which could wreak me havoc in times of emergency. Hence I changed it with the most expensive one in the shop. The so-called high-quality tyre that I bought cost me RM70! Yes! And I also opted to go with the better tube which scraped off another RM15 from my already burnt wallet. I was RM75 poorer in just a matter of minutes. Gone baby gone! Heck! I don't really care anymore. I need my bike for work.

What's your flavour?

Then later at night...I went to the nearby grocery shop to picked a loaf of Gardenia bread and a few Cornetto drumsticks! 3 to be exact. Happily I rode back and shared the yummy ice creams with my dad and wife! Here's where the bomb exploded: an hour before midnight I pushed my bike into the house compound. As I was pushing it...I felt the front tyre was stuck. Crap! NOW the front tyre punctured? This is so not happening. But it my total dismay! What more can I do? I can do nothing right now. Maybe a miracle will happen and the tyre will suddenly inflate?

I wish I have such a flat abs!


Monday (27th April 2009)

Nope! The miracle that I wanted didn't materialise. I had to woke up early today, which was 4am in the morning. That's really early, even the cock is not up yet. Yikes! I had to hitch my dad's bike to my working place because my office is only 25 metres away from his. Ha :D Then at 5.30 a.m. my dad and I had breakfast together. Hey! Come to think about it, the punctured tyre was a blessing in disguise? Why? Because I got to eat chicken rice with my dad! After sipping my tea, I walked to my office. It was 6a.m. then. To my amazement, the office was already opened!

Yeah! That's my foot!

With only 2 colleagues around, I switched on the laptop and started surfing. The speed was shockingly blistering! Perhaps no one is using the internet at that hour. Then I continued with my job of the day. Today's tasks were quite "slow" have to say, but things started to pick up by noon.

Foreman in action!
He is dismantling by poor bike!

I reached my at 3p.m. Again, dad fetched me home. Immediately after I alighted from my dad's "horse" I dragged my poor bike to the nearest workshop which is just a few blocks away to fix the punctured front tyre. The foreman wielded his tools and started to "dissect" my bike. After dismantling my front tyre...he looked at me and said...THERE"S NOTHING WRONG!

Arrgghhh!!! The tube that caused all the trouble!

Yes! He said that. Then he demonstrated what his claim by inflating the tube. To my stupefaction...the tyre is indeed OK! Wait a minute...then how come yesterday night the whole front tyre was totally FLAT? Neither the foreman or me could answer this! Gosh! I feel like a jerk the whole. Crap! I need a cup of nescafe to alleviate this feeling I'm having right now...

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