Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tekkaus Has >500 Unique Visitors Daily For the Past 10 Days!

My unique daily visitors for the past 7 days!

Yes, my maiden blog-Tekkaus (Duh! This blog that you are reading right now~lar) registered at least 500 unique visitors daily for the past 10 days. And yesterday-20th of March, Tekhaus recorded the highest unique incoming traffic since I first started blogging-745 visitors! Yes a whooping 700++ unique people read or at least scan through my blog yesterday. Although this is relatively low compared to a lot of you out there who have maybe...thousands to millions of visitors daily (can you be my Sifu?). Yeah! Yeah! You might say that I'm exaggerating on my whinny achievement. Nothing to shout about huh! Nonetheless I'm happy because this is a personal milestone for me.

Thank you to the Americans because they represents the lion's share of my blog's traffic! In fact almost half of my daily traffic is contributed by Uncle Sam's pals. Yep! 45.5% of my visitors came from the North America Continent's inhabitants. And my fellow Malaysians contributed 12.9% of my traffic. Although the figure is relatively minute compared to the Americans, I'm nonetheless grateful for their visits, truly I am. The Brits are 3rd on my list with 9.8% while Canadians scored 8.8% to take the fourth place. Here's something rather suprising-Malaysia's neighbour, Philipines, was the 5th major unique trafficker for Tekkaus!

My Top 10 Visitors! Thank you guys!

Will this translate into an imminent rise, or just a bubble waiting to be burst? Perhaps this sweet success will evaporate in no time right? I really hope I can sustain this scale and build up the momentum! I have poured in lots of efforts to see this blog "spread its wing" and fly; but it's understandable if I'm back to the ground. Anyway for the time being these are just numbers. I have tons of homeworks to do if I really want to be one of the top bloggers around. Presumptuous I might be, but impossible is nothing right? By the way feel free to participate in the poll ya! Leave me a comment too. *wink* ;)
All in all I'm thankful for your visits everyone! I'll cherish your deeds and work harder to scale greater heights (or numbers). My next target is to reach 1000 unique visitors daily by the end of this year. Fight!!!

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