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8 "Fortune" Things To Do During Chinese New Year!

Ho Chiak!

Hie guys! Still in Chinese New Year mode? As I am typing this post, I'm tuning to My.FM's Chinese New Year songs. My gosh, time flies too darn fast. It's already the 7th day of the new Lunar Calender. Barely a week ago we were busy preparing for the big day and happily feasting ourselves with sumptuous reunion dinner...and now we are in for another round of foods! Yupe, today is the 7th day of CNY which is also known as "ren" day or loosely translated as People's Birthday. So family members will again gather up and "Chiak" (eat as in Hokkien)!

Happy Birthday everyone!

We are half way through this festival (15 days in total). Yes, just HALF! And we still have another 8ight days to enjoy ourselves; 8ight more days to pamper our greedy mouths with delicacies and beverages; 8eight more days to indulge ourselves in gambling; 8eight more days to release all those firecrackers!!! Did I miss anything? As for me, I've been gambling with my family members every single day! How about you? Did you miss any action these few days? Don't worry, you still have 8eight more days to"redeem" yourself!

Aww...aren't they cute?

We all know that Chinese New Year is all about a new beginning! To some it marks a new lease of life! Did you do enough to give yourself a great head start? So here's 8 things you should do to usher the Oxen into your life.

8 "Fortune" Things To Do During Chinese New Year!

1~Clean your home to "sweep away all the bad luck" accumulated over the past year and get it ready for good luck to come in. *don't do this right now, it should be before~lar!*
2~Decorate your home with bright colours to bring life and fortune. Use lots of red and the number 8 to symbolise good luck with wealth. *red is so INNNNN during CNY*
3~Offer a sacrifice to the Kitchen God as "good behavior" which will be reported back to Heaven. *Ouh~bribery huh!*
4~Have a reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve. This is an important practice for the Chinese community. *Of course it's not restricted to new year eve only!*
5~Oranges and tangerines are given out throughout the New Year to bring wealth and good fortune. *I have received tonnes of it*
6~Wear traditional Chinese clothing in red and gold to bring wealth and fortune. *It's time to get a little retro*
7~Set off firecrackers. The loud noise is meant to scare away bad spirits and prevent bad luck. *Don't worry, the police will understand!*
8~Give Ang Pows to children. Usually, the married give red envelopes filled with money or treats. These are usually given to the unmarried from the married. *My days of receiving and pows are numbered*

OK, thank you! Bye bye!

And of course, Chinese New Year can't do without our favourite Chinese New Year tune right? Don't touch the dial! HIT IT!!! Enjoy this number from Astro!

Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

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