Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 Frantic Days Into 2009!


One week after my job commenced...I couldn't believe how busy I am right now. I can't stop right now. In fact I am busier than before. Just when I thought life will be a little BIT more wrong was I! If my previous job was an energy sapper, the current job is a mind sipping succubus. Sucking all the juices in my brain! It's really doubt about it. Sometimes I really have to crack my head in order to come out with something very special for my "clients"! Yeah, it's like cracking the hard rock coconut in order to taste the soft and tender flesh inside of it...

There goes my creamy juices!

I am so engaged that I barely blog anymore these few days. I wish I could steal some time doodling...but I made up my mind to concentrate on my job. It wasn't easy though. At times, I really have this nagging urge to blog. A lot will agree about this addiction right? It's hard to resist the temptation, but with strong "determination" I managed to stay focus and carry on my main tasks. After all, I wouldn't want my clients to notice me not giving my best right? It's a sin if I don't fulfill my responsibilities.

Yeah! At least not this addicted lar!

Time flies so fast huh! It's already 11 days into the year 2009. So how was your year "starters"? Is everything right on track for you? Or are you still in the midst of ambiguity? Not knowing what to do. thought this is still the year 2008? Yeah, you are You gotta wake up chaps. With the merciless manslaugthering by the Zionis in Gaza and the imminent ruination of our global economy, you couldn't help but shake off those "final vestiges of birthing fluids from your eyes and ears"!

Don't blame the clock!

It's time for us to live like there's is NO TOMORROW! Seriously! No matter what...we have to keep on moving! Okay, time really flies, I'd better "catch" my sleep or I'll be dozing off in front of my clients tomorrow! *wink* :)

5ive's Keep On Movin'!

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