Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Days Ago...

...It was my day off. As usual I woke up around 7.30 a.m. Th morning breeze was really cold that morning, whispering through my room's window. I walked down the steps, heading towards my door. I distinctively remembered how the chilly wind beat against my face when I opened the wooden door wide. Then there he was, lying on the floor waiting for me to pick him up. I slipped into my Asadi slippers and walked towards him. Obviously he was eagerly waiting for me to fetch him. I stooped low and reached for him. I scooped him up and inside we went! Then...I started "cuddling" him-The Star! Yeah, I was reading the newspaper~lar! What was you guys thinking? A puppy?

Made in Japan!

Moments later, my wife came down. Clearly she was still under the effect of post-slumber syndrome...her eyes could hardly open and she barely can navigate herself to the washroom. Just kidding! Well, after having our breakfast off we went to her office. Yupe, I'll send my wife to work every morning with my old rusty-trusty Black Horse whenever I am available. For the past few months I've been fetching her back and forth to work because at that time I couldn't work. Anyway she's getting a new car soon. So she won't be needing this chauffeur-me already. Ha =)

This is a cool way to say good bye!

After sending my wife to work, I went back home to catch some sleep. It was my day off...away from all the duties and responsibilities that needed my attention. I snugged on my bed, and within minutes I was snoring. I can't help it, after days of labouring I finally could get some proper shut-eye...then out of the sudden I heard my alarm went off...I grabbed my handphone..."OMG! It was almost time for the interview!" I jumped off from my bed forthwith and got dressed. Realizing the time for my watch is ticking really fast, I rattled onto Black Horse and made haste to my final destination. Could I made it in time?

Pens, blade and lil' notebook!

Of course...I made it just on time with a few minutes left to spare. As usual I was asked to fill in a form. Later the secretary came to me and gave me a blank A4 paper and wanted me to write and essay that read "How To XXXXXXX XXXXXXX!" (Well, I will tell you guys later about the title maybe sometime...around January?). I was required to write approximately 250 words. Without much hesitation I got down and started to pen formulate the essay that won me the job. Within 20 minutes I was done with more than 1000 words to show. Then the "manager" asked me to get into his office. Then I was asked to read my masterpiece...and voila he agreed to hire me right on the spot. And of course I agreed too...

Bye bye working attires...

I then rode my motor bike home thinking about what this new job will bring me? In terms of remuneration and job advancement, not much I thought. But lifestyle wise, it's just what I wanted. Upon reaching home, I switched on the laptop and started typing my resignation letter. I printed it and went to the office to pass it to my current manager. She was dumbstruck to receive that letter but still she congratulated me...

10 days ago...


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