Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally! My Sunday Day Off!

Yupe! It's been a while since I last had my day off on Sunday. Life has been really hectic with my current job. Having to work in shift is not really my cup of coffee. But it's still ok since I have been provided with 6 day offs every month. But last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I was like in an all-work-no-play mode. Having to work for a grueling 14 hours everyday for 3 straight days really sap out the chakra (sounds like Naruto huh) in me! You see, my company had carried out its bi-annual stock take to measure our company's lose. Hence everyone was involved. But's Sunday already. Am I glad that I could rest a little bit MORE on both today and tomorrow. Phewww! A much needed breather.

Finally I could see some greenies!

I woke up today a tad late, 9a.m. to be precise. Usually I'm already up by 7a.m. or 7.30a.m. the max! But today I got to dozed on for that extra few hours since I don't have to work. Too bad, my wife is not at home right now. *sob* But she'll be back later this evening. Yay!!! =) After brushing my yellowish teeth (coffee's fault lar~) and flipping through The Star's sports sections , dad asked me whether I wanted to follow him to the temple. Of course yes...I really need to realign myself spiritually after battling with ill-attitude-d colleagues everyday. *quipped* After praying, dad and I went to grandma's house at Tengkera to "hang out". Actually Tengkera was my kampung. The place is grew up...the shire where I could be seen always running around with my bare feet; the place I used to sand-bathing! But everything is so different right's like a ruin...grandma had gone...and so is my beloved mum. =(

Me waiting for my Mee Goreng PEDAS! =)

As usual, dad brought me to our favourite mamak stall to have our branch! This time my 2 cousins were joining too. It's been quite sometimes since my tastebuds last felt the mamak's spicy fried noodle! Very spicy indeed! The place was cosy and simple. It reminds me of the good old times. I sip my "teh tarik" while chatting away with dad and cousins with the TV showing my favourite cartoon-Tom & Jerry! How I wish my wife and brother were here with us. Well, there's always another time right? After satiating ourselves off we went, back to our wooden hidouts (house) again. Then me & my cousins took out the cards and started playing a few rounds of "Chor Tai Tee"! Later on, I took my little niece's plastic swords and started dueling with her! Yeah! She likes to fight and her favourite superhero is Ultraman. Ha ;)

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder Cat!
Ha~Me holding a plastic sword.

Then before going back home, my cousins and I went to the old fish shop located just few minutes away to do some aquarium-window-shopping. The shop is quite old right now. With little assortment of fishes available, I wonder how could this shop still hanging on? Never mind...I continued to browse around the aquariums and there they were swimming elegantly just like they use to be-the guppies! Besides parrot fish, guppies are one of my favourite fishes. They are cheap but so darn gorgeous. Those who have seen it or rear it will understand what I mean. Moreover guppies are easy to maintain and won't even break your banks. In the end I didn't buy anything as I still haven't allocate any spaces in my home for an aquarium. But I believe this plan of mine (a fish tank) is really imminent! I could smell it. Well, the fish shop was my final destination of the day. And now...I'm back at home.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Gosh! It's really cloudy and windy outside. Perhaps it will pour in another while. Ok guys, I have to go now. I know this is a short and concise (& maybe lousy) post, but what to do? After all...this is my day off right? Bye bye! *wink* ;)

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