Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can Obama Resurrect Our Ailing World?

Despite death threats and racist intimidation from the white supremacists, Obama still managed to come out literally unscathed! Faces of Obama spread across almost every nation's newspapers main page. Is he really that big? Is his victory really that important to others living continents away from him? The answer is a deafening YES. The majority of Americans have got what they have been praying for and hence-change it is. Barack Obama created history when he bulldozed pass McCain to become the America's maiden black president. From scratching slavery to America's most important person-the president, Obama's victory signifies a very important milestone especially to the black people who once were not even allowed to vote.

Obama's victory is expected and unavoidable?

Although Obama's landslide victory is one record breaking feat, the man knows he is no superman that can make changes in one day. Hence Obama pleaded for time to heal and transform the out-of-sort America. Can people wait? He will be inaugurated as the 44th US president on January 20th, and of course he will accede to an economy muddled in financial quandary, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq plus nuclear showdown with Iran. Thanks to Bush, Obama assume a role which needs delicate and tactful strokes. Can Obama reverse the wilt? Will Osama bin Laden stop the onslaught on America? Who knows...

No, you are not.

Obama himself declared that he is in for a torrid time when he says, "Even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime, two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century." Yes, Obama knew exactly what he will be dealing with. Will he be prepared? Can this one man really save the whole planet? It sounds a tad incredulous but that glimmer of hope has make millions of people put their faith in him. Is he really the destined god-sent Hero to save us as predicted by Nostradamus? Ok, I made this up but millions would think so right?

He'd better not...

Obama's victory is what many across the globe had desired for. Leaders from different parts of the world hailed his triumph and many will be banking for both his leadership that the world clearly needs and the principle values that he is expected to uphold. Can Obama really resurrect the world looming economy with a much needed impetus? Moreover Obama is also expected to tamp down US haughtiness and aggression abroad. The world has witnessed and endured 8 years of arid time commanded by the reckless warmonger-Bush! Thus Obama's more consultative style will be welcome relief for all. A breather perhaps?

Obama Vs Osama?

I'm sure the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther had longed for a time when America could see a man "judged not by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character," and Obama has fulfilled his wish. Perhaps...just maybe...his "prophecy" might have just been materialized by Obama...but it's still to early to judge if he can really walk the talk. The coming months or days will be pivotal for everyone especially Obama. Can he shoulder the weight of the world with his arms and legs shackled to the ground? I really, really hope he can rescue us from our darkest moment. The beacon is lighted again...

~Let's pray~

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