Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teresa Kok: "These Are Human Food"

I bet Seputeh MP Teresa Kok must has "golden" teeth, "diamond" tastebuds and "platinum" tongue huh! Teresa Kok who was detained under ISA for 7 days said that she was fed meals "almost like dog foods." Wow, they did treat her inhumanly in detention huh or did they? BUT 2 days ago, 22 Sep 2008, Teresa Kok made a U-turn and claimed that she was misquoted by reporter of Utusan Malaysia and that she actually stated, it was "slightly better than dog food". However TV3 replayed her original speech whereby she actually said that it was "similar to dog food". Obviously something is fishy about her intention and I strongly believe that she is trying to politicise the issue of food!

Some people don't even get to eat! :(

Perhaps we shouldn't blame Teresa though. I bet she must have used to eating all those expensive, yummy-licious foods! Perhaps she's too busy helping people and was "forced" to frequent restaurants to eat some good human food! I reckon the following are what Teresa meant as human food:

Are these what Teresa usually eat? Human food.

So how about the following food that some of us usually eat? Roti canai, pau, laksa, curry mee etc! Some of these actually cost less than RM2. Hmm...I don't know. So do you guys thing these (below) are dog food because they are cheap?

I love these foods. Don't you?

So does Teresa really, really had been mistreated while she was in detention? I don't think so. No one would be that stupid to treat her badly. RM 5.80 a day is not really bad you know. In fact there's still a lot of bargain with that sum. Those from the poor countries don't even earn RM1 a day to meet end needs. So does Teresa really that choosy and ungrateful? Or she is just politicising the issue to gain more support? Or she's just plain frustrated for being detained? I don't know.

Dog food? Is ok, I love char kueh tiao! Ha =)

Anyway I really hope that Teresa Kok won't be joining the chorus of Anwar to politicise everything in order to gain power and control. We already know how obsessed Anwar is to become Malaysia's PM! But...Teresa, she is the handful of DAP leaders that I have utmost respect. Sorry that I took a swipe on her in this post. But really IMHO she is one good leader. I hope she won't forget the mandate given to her to contribute to the people!

Just focus on helping people!

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