Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NDE: Near-Death or Dreaming?

For the select few, NDE (Near Death Experience) is a confirmation of an afterlife, but recent research suggests that NDE may have something to do with your irregular sleep patterns. Hm...I'm not so convinced about their claims though I never have any of those NDE.


According to Dr. Kevin Nelson, a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky (Fried Chicken?), people who have been through NDE have a blurred boundary between sleep and wakefulness. Meaning that they no longer can control their sleep? He said, "The brain switch-linking wakefulness and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is different."

"It's more likely to blend the REM state and wakefulness into one another," says Nelson. Wow, that surely doesn't sound good. His research also found out that 60%of people with NDEs also have episodes of REM intrusion, where sleep paralysis and visual or auditory hallucinations intrudeon their waking hours. Sound like NDE is a kind of drug? In other words, those who experience NDE is in for a torrid time ahead? Beats me.

Anyway for those who have NDEs before, please feel free to share with me your experience and validate whether what Kevin Nelson said is true. Do leave me a comment. =) And yeah, good morning everyone.

p.s.: I can see that Anwar is leading the poll as expected!

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