Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ali Rustam Called The Chinese Ungrateful Dogs?

Honestly when I was in secondary school, I had the opportunity to meet our Chief Minister-Ali Rustam on several occasions. Back then, I was of course elated to be able to meet in him person several times. Then again as I grew up, my respect for him had decayed over the time. It had become obvious that he was a corrupted leader who only cared about himself and his cronies. One day when I wanted to buy a house in Malacca, I was told that all the houses had been bought by Ali Rustam (15 of them)...for what? So that he could sell them later at damn higher prices? Because of his greed...many people could not afford to buy houses in Malacca.

 photo 01AliRustamCalledTheChineseUngratefulDogs_zpsa8715d20.jpg

Any respect, even a little, that I had for him was totally wiped out last year when I attended one function whereby he was there to hand over some money to "aid" the Chinese community. As usual his arrival had to be a grand one with people lining to usher him to his seat. So after handing over the mock cheque to a leader of a Chinese community, he began to deliver his speech which really left me fuming with anger and disbelief! It was so ridiculously incredulous to hear this from the leader of Malacca. What a shame!

Ali Rustam started to tell a story about how a DOG which its foot was stuck in a bear trap. Then he said that some people (Barisan Nasional) have been kind enough to let this poor dog to escape from the trap. After that he said that DOG which had just been saved by the noble people (Barisan Nasional) turned around and bit its rescuer. Ali Rustam then used a stern tone to condemn this so-called UNGRATEFUL DOG while motioning to the thousands of Chinese who had to be there to listen to his distasteful speech. I was really furious! How could he be saying something like this?

 photo 02AliRustamCalledTheChineseUngratefulDogs_zpsc9ad23a9.jpg

It was really regrettable to listen to this insulting remark from a person who is supposed to be the leader of a state-a Chief Minister! How can he label the Chinese as UNGRATEFUL DOG? He should be more careful with any remarks that he was making. Hereby I would openly advice everyone in Malacca: DO NOT VOTE FOR BARISAN NASIONAL! Because they only care about themselves and no one else. We need to stand up and vote for a better Malaysia for ALL MALAYSIANS!

And yeah~Ali you know why the dog bit YOU? Because you are the one who set the bear trap in the first place. Got it?