Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I, Robot+Die Hard 4=Eagle Eye

That's what exactly popped out from my mind as I was walking out of the cinema. What happened in the cinema was totally a mind-blowing experience for me at least. Perhaps some of you might say it's just another so-so action flicks, but personally I feel that it offered more that what I had bargained. My expectation was low for this Eagle Eye I guess. But then again it could be due the lack of good movies recently. Yes, lately all the movies that grace our silver screen often came short apart from the fancy posters. So, this movie has broke free from that nice-poster-bad-movie mould.

Shia LaBeouf who starred Eagle Eye has really come of age. He doesn't need Optimus Prime to cover him no more; neither did he need Indiana Jones to tell him what to do anymore. Shia might not be the beef cake that you would expect an action star to be, but he does have enough character and air to elevate him up a notch or 2 to be with those bevy of stars such as Brad Pitt-y, Leonardo etc. So...for those uninitiated, what does Eagle Eye has got to offer? Well (as written in the title)...a mix and match of I, Robot and Die Hard 4 of course.

Shia's pedigree!

The movie started off with the American army mistakenly killed a terrorist suspect amid getting disapproval from their Department of Defense's computer to abort the mission due to incomplete identification match. Here's when all hell break lose. The main computer system or AI (Artificial Intelligence) of US kind of override the whole government if you like. And then...Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) was immediately thrown into the "frame" to dethrone the whole US government. Yes, Jerry is indirectly forced to assassinate the whole US government officers including the president. This is because the computer has deemed the president as a threat to US citizen based on his misjudgement on the bombing. Ok, that's quite a synopsis huh.

Moving on...for those of you who had watched I, Robot which was orchestrated by Will Smith, you guys will notice the similarity between the two movies. Set in 2035, the humanoid robots which were a main part of human lives started to evolve and begin to control their own master-human because it feels human are a threat to themselves. The robots see this as a mean of protection for the human existence. Come to think of it, it's really scary. What if one day these robots actually turn us into their slaves? Just like in Matrix?

Now why would I say that Eagle Eye has a few resemblance(s) to Die Hard 4? Die hard fans would say those actions in Eagle Eye are carbon copies of the latest Die Hard. They might be right, in terms of ideas of course. Both these movies showed how fragile our networking system could be. Traffic lights can be hacked, tractors could be controlled, money could be transferred effortlessly, trains could be stopped anytime and phone can be monitored from anywhere. Isn't all these give you that sense of insecure and invasive? You can find these in both Eagle Eye and Die Hard 4. And I bet someone could actually do so right now.

Watch Eagle Eye's Trailer! =)

Ok, I reckon that's about it. If you wish to catch Eagle Eye, please do so while it's still in the cinema. 2 thumbs up for Eagle Eye. For ratings: 4/5 Stars! *wink* ;)

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