Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hishamuddin Wants Sandler's Remote!

A BIG mistake!

First thing first, put aside Adam Sandler and his remote. Let's look at the picture (above). Yes! It's this very moment that had shackled Hishamuddin to where he is right now. In 2005, Hishammuddin who is the son of Tun Hussein Onn, the third Prime Minister of Malaysia and the grandson of Onn Jaafar (founder of UMNO and a Malayan freedom fighter) had drew his keris as a symbol held in high esteem by the Malay Community.

Of course his bold and somewhat insensitive action had caused massive blow to BN and himself. He was battered and not let up for drewing out that keris. The Chinese and Indian communities is not going to let him go without much explanation, especially the opposition party that is made most of the two latter communities. And now obviously the incident had leave a very, very bad image on the Chinese and Indian. But Hishamduddin stand firm on the ground defended his action which also potrayed him as arrogant and ignorant.

Now 3 years later after the the incident, Hishamuddin made a big U-turn and apologised for his mistake. He might have repent but, it came too late. To make thing worse, he was now seen as the weakling by his fellow Malay. He was hammered by his own "traps". The keris had caused him to lose the confidence of the Malay, Chinese and Indians-that is Malaysian. So what was his real mistake? Easy. He shouldn't have drew the keris at all!

KerisMuddin, You don't have the Remote Control!

Hishamuddin is so unpopular right now that he is also know as KerisMuddin. He is so sandwiched right now. I bet if he has a time machine he would have erase this "blind spot" in his life. Too bad this life cannot be rewinded using a remote control! Here's where Adam Sandler's Click came into the picture. How Hishamddin wished he had that remote control! Adam Sandler can turn back his time, but KerisMuddin is no Adam Sandler. Life must go one and one must carry his mistake and walk the path ahead.

Let's hope that in the future, all leaders regardless of their party, religion and race will be more sensitive towards not just Malay, Chinese or Indians but to all Malaysians. And yes, Malaysian should have stop this keris issue. There are tonnes of other issue to be taken care right now such as shortage of rice! Come on Malaysia! Let's eat less rice (no pun intended). Ha =)

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