Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Am No.5 In ChurpChurp Contest

A few days ago I received an email from ChurpChurp informing me that I was one of the winners for their Spread The Love And Get Rewarded Contest. This contest basically required you to recruit as many new members as possible in a month's time. I was taken aback to be able to come in at No. 5 as I had only started "recruiting" 10 days before ChurpChurp wrapped up the whole contest. It was a pleasant surprise for me as I didn't expect to be anywhere in the list.

Thanks For The RM100 ChurpChurp
Thanks everyone. :)

So I would love to take this opportunity to thank all of my "recruits" for joining ChurpChurp via the link I had included. If not for you guys I will not be able to clinch the No.5 spot! Again thanks. Hereby I would also thank ChurpChurp for giving me RM100 (Cheh! So sikit) as a reward (consolation) for my effort. It has been such a long time since I last won anything contest. So this feeling is really great. That aside, I would also thank the other winners for this contest. I am sure they have put in a lot of effort too. :) They are...(hey~where's the drum roll?)

1~Wanmus (RM1000)
2~Viruspadu (RM500)
3~AmerSaid (RM100)
4~MohdZaid (RM100)
5~Tekkaus (RM100)<= This is Me!
6~Emilayusof (RM100)
7~AnarmNet (RM100)
8~Zulseffort (RM100)
9~Eyriqazz (RM100)
10~Racacandyfloss (RM100)
11~Denaihati (RM100)
12~Azizwan (RM100)

So lesson learnt today? It is never too late to start right? Although I only joined the contest with 10 days left, I still managed to be one of the winners. At least we should have given it a try. Whether we are able to win it or not is another story. Frankly I am really ecstatic to win the consolation prize and I view this as a bonus.I believe my post about me Making RM2490.77 With Twitter Via ChurpChurp helped a lot huh!

I believe this photo helped a lot too right? :p

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