Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Insurance Agents Read This: Insurance Could Kill!

Damm! Damm! Damm! I had a blast just now. If I am going to quit selling insurance right now (if I am one). Just about 2 hours ago I watched the movie, Black House (really black!) with my wife. At first I thought it was the typical horror ghost story with lots of hair growing here and there. Boy am I so wrong. This is not even your usual ghost movie, but it's really a good treat and surprise for me .

Thing you are kind?

Black House really reveals the dark side of being a dedicated, kind-hearted insurance agent. Think you want to be the Mr. Right? Think you can save others' day by advising them on insurance policies? Thing again. Your kindness might have lead to more disaster. Well, sometimes helping a person might cause a lot of unwanted dark tales which will leave you wondering if anything you did were really right at all. Nope, I'm not going to leak anything. Not even the synopsis. For you guys who want to give it a try, just give this movie more time to build up okay. Don't worry, it won't disappoints you. This 2007 Korean flicks really get me nerves at times.

This movie is really recommended for insurance agents. A must watch for them!!! You should really watch this. Perhaps one day you might stumble upon such experience. Touch wood. =) Anyway, enjoy watching and be surprised!
Live Life! Rating: 4/5!

P.s.: By the way, do you guys know which insurance company is the best in Malaysia? Please give me your comment(s).

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